At TJB Outdoors, we also have a wide selection of firearms and ammunition to choose from. We can get you set with rifle for big game, a shotgun for bird hunting, or a handgun for concealed carry. 

In-Store Deals

Whether you are a first time buyer or and experienced shooter or hunter, we have something for everyone at TJB Outdoors. Click this link to see our In-store inventory!


Additional Inventory

We can only fit so much in our building. We have arranged with several of our firearm vendors to have their available inventory listed on our website!

You can order it through us from them and it will arrive in just a few days. If it appears on our site, that means that they currently have it in-stock. Normally your order will arrive at our location in 3-5 business days!

This gives you access to THOUSANDS of the most popular items on the market! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how this process works.

Click the link below to see everything available.

Additional Inventory


If you have any questions about purchasing a firearm, email us or message us on Facebook. Here are a few common questions we are asked:

"How do I purchase a firearm over the internet?"

-Purchasing a firearm over the internet is intimidating, but ultimately, relatively simple. 

 >If the order is place through our website, the firearm will be available for pick-up in our store. At the time of pick-up, all of the mandatory paperwork and NICS background check will be done.

 >If the firearm is ordered through another online dealer, we will need to send our Federal Firearms License (FFL) to that dealer. At which point the item will be shipped to us and you will then do all the mandatory paperwork and NICS background check will be done at our store.