At TJB Outdoors we accommodate archers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are an experienced hunter and have been shooting your whole life, or you just want to pick up archery as a hobby, we have everything you need!

We carry a full line of archery products. We are an authorized Hoyt Archery dealer as well as an authorized Gold Tip Arrows dealer. We also carry a variety of other brands.

We can also service bows. Our technicians can take care of your tuning, string changes, arrow selection and cutting needs, and assist you in getting sighted in. 



We have a 20 yard indoor range for you to get sighted in and prepared for your upcoming hunt and season.

We also have TechnoHUNT. This is an excellent way experience the thrill of hunting without having to deal with the elements (or the cleanup).


"Do you restring bows?"

-Yes! We will custom order a string specifically for your bow with custom colors at no extra charge. 

"How much does it cost to change strings?"

-It varies depending on the bow because the length of string and/or cables needed for your bow.

"Can you paper tune my bow?"

-Yes we can. We have all the equipment need to do any tuning you need done.

"What is TechnoHUNT?"

-It is a virtual hunting experience. You will shoot your bow and your arrows with a blunt tip that we provide. Click the following link to see how it works.